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Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Die 10 Erfolgsfaktoren bei Mitarbeiterbefragungen. Praxis-Ratgeber. Strategie, Durchführung, Maßnahmenableitung

10 Success Factors in Employee Surveys

Which factors determine the success of an employee survey? Which goals, tasks, and processes must be the focus of the survey? How can effective measures be derived from this, and how can they be used to move the entire company forward? On the following pages, you will learn about the factors that ensure the strategic success of an employee survey and how the results can provide comprehensible answers to success-relevant questions of corporate management.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Mitarbeiterbefragung - und dann?

Employee Survey – then what?

Does an employee survey solely aim at measuring the satisfaction of the staff? Not at all! The specific need for change can only be derived from commitment.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Praxisbeispiel: Folgeprozess einer Mitarbeiterbefragung bei der AOK PLUS.

Follow-up Process of an Employee Survey at AOK PLUS

No matter how well your employee survey is conducted—the important thing is that the survey must be followed by action. In cooperation with AOK PLUS, Vocatus WorkPerfect could demonstrate how this final stretch on the road to change can be made effective.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Mitarbeiterbefragung als Führungsinstrument.

Employee Survey as a Management Tool

Employee surveys show how well a company succeeds in winning over its most valuable resource – its employees – to achieve its goals. This allows them to be used as a strategic management tool. To achieve this, however, the survey must be geared to the specific goals and currently relevant issues of a company and the results must be followed by action.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Praxisbeispiel: Folgeprozess einer Mitarbeiterbefragung.

Practical Example: Follow-up Process of an Employee Survey

You carried out the employee survey – but what then? According to the employee survey, the results obtained must also be followed up with action. The last bit on the way to change is the most important, but also the hardest.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Welche Auswirkungen hat die Führungsspanne wirklich? Mitarbeiterbefragung

What are the Real Effects of the Leadership Margin?

What is the ideal management margin? Do you prefer more or fewer employees per manager? Discussions in companies on this subject usually assume that the commitment of the employees is higher with a low management margin. But is that really the case? We have got to the bottom of the matter in an empirical study – with quite surprising results.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Bore-Out-Effekt. Verbreiteter als gedacht.

Burn- or Bore-Out? Recognizing and Eliminating Mental Workload

Efficiency, innovation, and motivated employees are the basis of a successful company. In an employee survey, Vocatus WorkPerfect found out what adverse effects excessive and insufficient demands on employees can have on these essential pillars. These results lay the foundation for the critical optimization of organizational structures and workloads.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: HR-Herausforderungen meistern.

Mastering HR Challenges

Efficiency increase, cost reduction, employer attractiveness, shortage of skilled workers. These are just a few of the topics preying on companies’ minds. But only a few know that employee surveys are the solution in many cases. Because this tool not only increases the motivation of employees but also optimizes the performance of the entire organization.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Nachhaltigkeit im Folgeprozess. EDEKA Bank.

Sustainability in the Follow-up Process

A study by Vocatus WorkPerfect found that up to 16% of managers do not even download the results report, let alone read it, or act on it. So how can all those involved be brought on board? The first step is a clarification – improvement can only be achieved if the participants are clear about how to proceed and the focus is defined.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Führungskräftebeurteilung. Fallstudie DAX-Konzern.

Management Evaluation

A globally active Dax corporation commissioned us to assess its managers through its own employees. The aim was to provide as many managers as possible with individual feedback on their own management behavior to promote individual improvements and establish a consistent management culture.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Befragung der Top-Führungskräfte. Fallstudie DAX-Konzern.

Survey of Senior Managers

A globally active DAX corporation wanted to know how its senior management evaluated the company’s strategy. Approximately 100 managers were surveyed for this purpose and were asked to provide information on the following questions: What is the senior management’s attitude towards the corporate strategy? How are the corporate strategic goals evaluated? And what is the current state of implementation of various strategic issues?

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Interne Servicequalität. Fallstudie Finanzdienstleister.

Internal Service Quality - Case Study

How good is the internal service quality? Does the cooperation between branches and central service units work? This was the question of a bank, and we were asked to identify possible weaknesses as well as the potential for improvement. The results of the study speak for themselves: 70% of the internal service areas had improved significantly after just one year.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Interne Servicequalität.

Internal Service Quality to ensure long-term success

Many companies analyze service quality only from the perspective of their customers – internal service quality is usually ignored. However, there is an essential hidden lever, not only to increase customer loyalty and employee motivation but also to improve productivity and, thus, ultimately ensure the long-term success of the company.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Lost in "Generation Y"

Lost in "Generation Y"

Generation Y has different ideas about work and life than previous generations. HR and especially talent management respond with generation-oriented approaches. But are these often-generic solutions truly effective? An analysis of more than 5,000 Generation Y employees shows that this is often not the case.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Brisantes Thema rund um den Globus.


Mexico, Australia, or Japan. No matter which country you look at: the issue of work-life balance is essential all over the world. How do employees worldwide view their personal work-life balance and what conditions can help to improve it? A survey provides answers.

Medien Vocatus WordPerfect GmbH München: Erfolgsfaktoren bei internationalen Mitarbeiterbefragungen.

Success Factors in International Employee Surveys

The international employee survey is becoming increasingly important in the course of internationalization. Nevertheless, it is rarely possible to just take the previous employee survey from the company headquarters, translate it into the relevant languages, and send it to the subsidiaries. This is because many obstacles are lurking in international surveys – from project organization to cultural and country-specific aspects and the comparability of the results.